Join the coolest jump game in the world! Help Jack the Sugar Glider escape back home by dodging huge buildings and enemies. It’s the adventure of a lifetime!

Jack was enjoying the sweet life in northern Australia when he was suddenly captured by poachers who took him to Canada. Jump down the highest skyscrapers, landmarks, and buildings around the world and help him get back home by avoiding these darned birds. Collect coins in this super-addictive, easy-to-learn free game and unlock new worlds. The adventure begins today! Jumprs is fun to play with friends and family! Who can jump the highest? Who can survive the longest? Do you have what it takes to help Jack escape?

  • > Fun and easy-to-learn adventure game
  • > Jump higher, survive longer, and never give up!
  • > 32 levels with the coolest skyscrapers and landmarks around the world
  • > Cool and useful boosts
  • > Global leaderboard
  • > Never get bored – we’re adding new levels constantly!




Jumprs is created by Monday Moustache

We want to thank our family and friends for making this game possible.

Thank you guys:
Marko Neeme - music / testing
Markus Toompere - music/copywrigt
Kaarel Kaldre - ideas/testing
Andrei Troskov - ideas/testing
Janno Pikkat - ideas/testing
Villu Pöial - ideas/testing
Kristiina Makk - crafts / testing
Dirk Lloyd - Editing/Proofreading
Anna-Liisa Supp - press release
Miko Väli - testing
Kristi Nuut - testing
Evelin Lõhmus - testing
Fred Moritz - testing
Kia Saarelainen - testing
Max Saarelainen - testing
Ana Pinto - translation
Triin Metsla - translation
Joey Lone - translation
Xiloto Mztani - translation
Agnieszka Dakowicz - translation
Cindy Julien - translation